Plans. I has them.

Found this at a used bookstore after work today. 

Found this at a used bookstore after work today. 

The rest of my Tolkien books. I have the Hobbit Chronicles of AUJ, but I have no idea where I put it. ><

Ok so technically one is a journal to write it, but I haven’t written in it and I’m counting it. 

Late night trip to Walmart with mstifferooski 

Cell phone drop-off that offered me a dollar for my octane.

That’s my mom there. .I had not seen her since I was like 14. I hate to say it, but I did not recognize her at all.

Some neon shoes in clearance that demanded a photo.


My purchases. (Minus the baby stuff there.)

July 22.
droid so messed up sometimes I have to use a magnet to turn it on.

18 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning In North Carolina

1.)  Youngin’ - anyone younger than you.

2.) White fluffy stuff that can get you out of school or give you a valid excuse not to go to work if there’s enough of it and you live far enough away from your workplace.

3.) Blue - Blue is blue, but then there’s Carolina blue and Duke blue. 

4.) Yonder - a pretty good distance. Uh, everyone in the south uses yonder. 

5.) Bless your heart - an insult. Bless her heart, she shouldn’t wear that skirt with those thighs. (North Carolinians, especially those from older generations can be very judgmental.) 

6.) BBQ = pulled pork.

7.) Fall - autumn. I never paid attention to when fairs were, and I give not two shits about football.

8.) Sweet tea - what you drink. Almost synonymous with water. In fact you’re so used to drinking it that unsweetened tea is as flavorless as actual water. A cup and a half of sugar per gallon. At least.

9) NASCAR - the state sport.

10.) Raleigh - just another city. And why isn’t Charlotte the capitol?

11.) Hey y’all - hello / hey. A greeting. 

*Anyone who says “hey is for horses” is full of shit and needs to learn how to spell. Hay, H.A.Y. is for horses. Hey, H.E.Y. is a greeting.

12.) Late - anytime after you were supposed to be somewhere. Anytime after dark. If the sun is no longer in the sky, it’s late.

13.) 23 - just a number for me. 

14.) Fixin’ - getting ready to… I though every southerner used fixin’. I’m fixin’ to leave - I’m finishing up my eyeliner, gotta put a few things in my purse and put on my shoes and I’ll be out the door in a few. 

15.) Downtown - the part of a major city with large buildings clumped together for a few “blocks.” …Wait… I think I’ve actually been to where that photos was taken. 

16.) Dook - I must confess I was not born here and while all of my mother’s family is from here. My father’s is not. I have no idea where I got it but I pronounce “Duke” like “dyook”. 

17.) Raise Up -  a song that I have not heard in years. North Carolinaaa c’mon and raise up!

18.) 336, 919, 252 etc - Area codes. Bonus if you remember when they changed AND when your address changed from Rural Route 123, Box 456 to actual street names. Ours was Box 384. I forget the Route now.

Community Post: 38 Signs You're From North Carolina

1.) I’m not into sports. I don’t give two shits if you’re a NC State Wolfpack fan or a Wake Forest Deacons fan.

2.) Cheerwine is one of those sodas I only like every so often. Like once every so often in several years will I want a cheerwine.

3.) It’s Lexington.

4.) I’m gluten intolerant I know jackshit of beer.

5.) Y’all isn’t just a southern thing anymore, is it. Much less just a North Carolinian thing.

6.) You make sweet tea in my family by taking a packet of Nestea (ordered through a store) mix it with a gallon of water and a cup an a half of sugar. Place in fridge to chill. Place on windowsill if you want a shitload of fruit flies. Unsweetened tea is for diabetics and those not native to the south.

7.) I do not have a favorite driver, but NASCAR is a part of life on Sundays. I am NOT a fan of Jeff Gordon though. He dissed my pop once. 

8.) Ooooh Bojo’s biscuits. Fuck you gluten intolerance. I can still drink their delicious sweet tea at least.

9.) App-uh-latch-an

10.) Yep grits with butter and salt and pepper. I used to love Hardee’s biscuits and gravy. 

11.) You may be the first in the business of aviation Ohio, but we got the damn thing off the ground first.

12.) Yeah, that’s nasty. I just get cheeseburgers with lettuce and mayo. (Now with no bun and just make a cheeseburger salad.)

13.) A new year’s staple. With black eyed peas (with a dime) and cornbread.

14.) Nothing like a trip to a different portion of your state to see what you already have in your own yard…

15.) Florida plates don’t bother me, but they do make me wonder what you’re doing here.

16.) Yep! We used the ACC Basketball Tournament for math in middle school.

17.) Oh snow days. Nothing like when they called off school for snow, and then there wasn’t any. And yes we close roads for snow. It’s not the snow itself that’s a danger. Snow melts into water and that refreezes into dangerous sheets of ice. Cars cannot skate.

18.) I actually detest bluegrass.

19.) Not that I recall. 

20.) I’m unaware of where most musicians are from to be honest. 

21.) No. I’ve never seen a cow be tipped.

22.) Virginia Dare and the Croatoan? Kind of.

23.) I’ve already read about Blackbeard. Someone should make a movie. One that doesn’t star John Malkovich….

24.) I have no idea where Jockey’s Ridge is.

25.) I don’t swim in creeks. Last time I was near a creek was in elementary school with the Y’s (YMCA) after school program. Some other kids and myself found what I only can assume WAS a dog. It’s skin was in shreds and hanging off it’s bloated body. A girl, Wendi and I found it’s skull floating along the creek. She picked it up in a bucket. I determined by the shape of the skull that it was a dog.

26.) I remember reading about the Grove Park Inn when trying to plan a trip to the Biltmore House. We never went to it.

27.) Again I’m not a fan of sports but I do know the difference between Carolina Blue and Duke Blue.

28.) No, but a cousin of a cousin makes or made it at one point. My family is a bunch of teetotalers.

29.) I actually work fairly near a Cook Out. Not too crazy about it. Their shakes is what I went there for. So many flavors! (Celiac/Gluten intolerance seriously limits where I can eat.)

30.) I think I’ve been there. Not during Christmas though. Like friend driving us around and oh this is such-and-such a place. Blah blah blah reindeer and continue driving.

31.) …. damn gluten intolerance. 

32.) I can’t listen to anything right now. This does’t look familiar at all. So I have no idea. 

33, 34, 35 - Again I don’t care about sports. I do remember the Hurricanes being new and the Panthers being new though.

36.) Several. 

37.) Like I said earlier. I’m form a family of teetotalers. What’s a blue law?

38.) Heck yeah.